Im so unbelievably tired of all the supplements that im eating. I would love to just stop wit hall of them and never eat a vitamin again. However these last days i have realized for the first time since taking out my extensions in February, that hey, my hair is almost ok. Off course it is a mess due to bleach and the none existing trims… but it has grown stronger and longer the last months. So, the question is, have these damn supplements helped or is it just placebo? No matter what, I dont dare to stop with them, so here´s to another morning of, errrrrrr, Zinc, Biotin, Iron, MSM, Multivitamins, and some Omega 3 stuff. 

Today: Orange lipstick, hair in a bun and a blazer. I guess thats the closest i get to looking smart. (Interview mood) Straight after that to the gym and then off to meet C. Have not seen him since i left my old job so will be more then lovely to see him… he probably have some great stories to tell me about life and its wonders…