Chill Pill.

I think i would need one… this 3 page SWOT is not funny nor does it look good. And I will sit here all evening getting this done… stressing out.


After that ( if that will happen ) i will look for somewhere for my brother and his friend to live when he arrive in London next week.

Good Plan.


Wednesday fun and Lovely London

Yesterday ended up being very busy and also very long. Started interviews at 2pm, and left the last one 6:30pm… Talking about yourself for that long almost makes you feel a bit like a narcissist… “I do this well, i do this less well, this is how i would work” It is all a part of the interview process, and I understand that completely as well as I dont have any problems being in interviews, having been in many over the years, and also held sooo many interviews over the years… 

But no matter how used you are with interviews, you always get a bit tensed and want to make a good impression (obviously) so after a day of interviews, you are drained. So tired. No gym for me, did not have the time, errrrr, i know, i had the time but prioritized seeing a friend in Covent Garden. I love the fact that whenever you are out in London, there is always a pub, a bar or a new place in general to go to… me and C walked around Seven Dials, Covent Garden, Leicester Square and then back to CG, laughing and joking about life, helping some tourists to find the “Lion king musical” and then finally sat down for drinks gossiping between a new couple that did not what to say to each other and a massive group of guys on holiday in London…

Drinks vs gym. Well, sometimes you have to just have fun. With that said, some breakfast now, and then in a hour off to the gym.

Today and Friday gym ( Cardio and Abs/Legs)

Saturday off.

Sunday gym. ( Cardio and Arms/Abs)

Good plan, Lets see how i will keep this. I will keep it as long as i dont get the call about one of the jobs i would really like, and then i put on the makeup, and skip the gym. Dont judge me for that, i know my priorities…


And I’m so happy for that! Neck is almost back to normal ( thank you N and M, dear Italians) that gave me tips on how to get better yesterday.

Now one more hour to first phone interview and then the next at a bit later… But, my better neck means that I can go to the gym and sweat away some fat and general boredom that I have had when my neck has not been very well.

I know, I will be careful and not overdo it. 30 min cardio and then some legs.
Good plan.


Monday, funday?!

Ok, so this monday arrived as well.

My neck has been hurting since last weeks migraine attack, and this night it was really painful. Strange as this has more or less never happened to me before, my neck and body in general dont really give me much grief, so I’m a bit surprised that my neck is totally fixed to one position and i barley can move my head.  What do i do when this happen?

Plans for today was to go to the gym, have a really though workout and then meet a friend in Central. Now, im not sure i will get out of the house. Wtf happened?

Ok, im having a water bottle on my neck and hope that this will pass soon. During the time i wait for this to pass, i will have a look at my brother and his friend Cv, and put the laundry away, study some about the brand i have a interview with tomorrow, and hope i can go to the gym later. Wish me luck.

Pissed of, this week did not start the way i wanted.


But it is ok, Im not going to let the bad start of a day destroy the rest of the day. So here´s to a good monday. Now some Soya milk with chocolate taste, Always makes me a bit happier. ( sometimes it dont takes much) and some oatmeal. Still trying to be healthy even if i just want to eat 10 Oreo´s and make a peanut butter sandwich.



3 hours later

How did it take 3 hours longer then expected to get myself out of the door and on the way to the gym? Impressive really.

But I got some things sorted.

1, interviews booked for tomorrow. Lets see how they go.
2, coconut oil in the damn dry hair. ( this took 5 seconds)
3, tried to set up this blog, 1 hour.
4, now walking on Kenish town high street almost getting killed because I’m staring down on my phone.

Anyway, now I’m going to read about 5:2 diet in the gym and the. Let you know why I think it is shit. ( I did try it for 2,5 weeks)