Just had a morning sitting in bed and reading documents while my brother is sitting next to me calling about his national insurance number. Feels almost like being at home… flashback to being younger and in the house back in Sweden.

The sun is still out in London and im surprised over how long this warm weather has stayed around this autumn. Truly lovely.

Today i have to get my shit together and get back into a better mood. I know D is right when he is wondering what my problem is… as said in earlier posts… i have nothing, or next to nothing to complain about. And the thing i complain about most, I have only myself to blame. So, Monday = Funday. Had some nice granola for breakfast, coffee and all the vitamins.




Red leather jacket on. The one that D tells me i look like euro trash in.


Stupid me.

So, I have not been doing anything at all that has been good for my health the last days. Nothing. no gym, quite a bit of alcohol and not very much sleep. I feel tired and moody. This even tho I have nothing to be moody or tired for… NOTHING at all.

I should be really happy. A lot of things are as far as I can see it going my way, and the only bad thing is that I’m feeling in bad shape, but that’s about it.

All is good with D, my brother is here, my friends are mostly happy, as well as my family, got a new job I’m starting in a bit more then a week.

So what my problem?

I have narrowed it down to the following:
1) I’m nervous about starting the new job. I always want to know everything the first day and then just GO, but this will be months of learning, and it makes me nervous. I know I can do the job. I’m just nervous about the start of it.
2) I’m in terrible shape. It makes me feel bad and ugly.

So I guess, tomorrow it is Monday, let’s get things back on track then.

Lots of nonsense…

Im back. I took a break yesterday. From Life. I felt so sick and was half alive the whole day, and D happily said when we left the house just to get some food “Oh, this is not often, but i look much better then you!” and gave me a big grin. Great, thank you baby…  

I got some good news, but i dont want to jinx things, so i will write it here when i feel more sure. Hope that is ok.. However a bit overwhelmed and very happy. If you dont count the fact that i managed to get sick and still is feeling bad. Right after the neck got better, some bug got me. Whyyyyyy, oh why? 

So, that means no gym for me today, but i will get back as soon as i can. Last week was a failure, between sick, neck pain and interviews, i only got to the gym one time. ONE TIME. That wont make me fit. Back tomorrow if i take it slow today and just get well. 

In my homeland it has started to get  very cold and the autumn/winter has started for real. This is normally the time when i get very happy by being in the UK. Winter is not that cold here. Autumn is more like late summer. Today 18 degrees and looking lovely. ( to bad for me that im still stuck in bed) hopefully this winter wont be as cold as last, when it was actually snowing in beginning of April. In UK? This can not happen this year… it wont, will it?

5:2 Diet. Again.

Is EVERY Swede doing this diet? And have everyone lost there mind? Oh yes, Lets not eat ANYTHING for two days, and then go crazy the other days. Yes, great idea!!

Honestly, I know i can seem a bit obsessed when you read this blog, but im not plannig on starving myself 2 days. Period.

As i have written in another post about 5:2 diet i have tried and i dont think, for someone that is on a healthy weight, that this will give many benefits… if you need to loose a lot for your HEALTH and you need a kick start.. yes, this could be good.

But please dear homeland, EVERY day in magazines there is a new recipe and a new way to “get thru the fasting days” i cant even stand to read it.

That was me mad about this. Have a great day all of you, and i hope you have breakfast, lunch, dinner, a healthy snack today, even a glass of wine or two! It is Friday after all.

Fitting-room panic… and how to move on.

Hmmm.. I dont know if you will attack me on Whats app ( the ones that have me there) or even in comments… but im going to write it anyway.

For those that remember, around a week ago i wrote that i felt that i got somewhere with the gym and that i started feeling stronger and a bit more fit. This is before i,  a bit in panic, needed to go into a fitting room before a interview and change my outfit and also try on some stuff. That ruined my feeling of being on the way and since then i have been struggling with feeling good about gym or general health. “what does it matter? in the fitting room i look like shit anyway, my thighs are bigger then ever and also most probably so is my tummy” Now, i know there is many logical reasons why i should not feel this way, and also many wrong thoughts that made me end up there, but hey, this is the way it is right now.

So, never quit and never give up.

For those who knows me from a work perspective, knows that i dont EVER give up, i work very very hard, and always push thru. Always. Even when i feel like there is no chance to reach the targets, or when the team are not working out, when the store is literally raining into, then i DONT give up. And i have a Cv to show for it. And im very happy with that, as well as im even a bit proud over it.


That damn fitting-room, it really made me feel down about myself. So now i will get over that, and the solution is to not go into a fitting-room in a long time (not the best way, i know, but dont come with,face your fears bs, please) and go to the gym. Work my ass off literally.

Wish me luck. #abitsadaboutthatfittingroom


Waking up, and no pain in the neck! Victory for me.

Today, hitting the gym. My lazy ( stupid neck ) ass have not been there enough this week so i will need to get myself together today, and sweat some fat off. Good news for my big ass is that when D got home, he was not in the mood for eating take out ( or eating at all) so we did not order any fatty indian or thai, so at least i spared myself that. 

Now another hour or so with the SWOT. Happy days. 


Today i will not go to the gym, today i will go down to town and do a SWOT for a interview on Saturday. If i can have that written and done by tomorrow then i dont need to worry about that at all tomorrow, but just be off and have a massive workout, as well as my neck gets to rest for another day.

Yesterday i did the exercises for the neck that i googled, and this morning it felt a lot better. Still not good enough, so i still had to take some painkillers, but at least i could sleep. So, thats good news! Also, yesterday i went out for a fast walk around a football field, so that at least count for something…

Ok, now… try to get up and out. I get lazy when D is working from home… even when he is sitting in the other room working, it is still so much nicer to be at home and around when he is here…