Biotin, Zinc, MSM and the rest

Sometimes I do wonder if im crazy.. The amount of suplements that i eat to get my poor hair back into shape is crazy. But let me tell you, i think it is working!

After years and years of extensions, i decided sometime in January (almost bullied into it, yes, you know who you are) to remove the extensions and see if it “could” cope without them for at least 3 months. Now this is harder then what you can think after a couple of wayyyyyyy to much hair on your head for many years.


Now you get what I mean with having just a bit to much hair? Yeah, not good.. at least not when i look back at it. ( also the pose, please dont even go there.) And im telling you, my real hair was not happy under all of this.

So said and done, I deciced to give my real hair a chance. So i went mental on Holland and Barett. Food and hair suplements in masses was bought and i started taking the biotin and zink in addition to the regular, vitamin C, Omega 3, and general mulitvitamin, I cant even tell you how man blogs and youtube clips i have read and watched to find the ” right” thing that will ┬ámake my hair grow faster, better, stronger, well you get it.

Not to forget, on a try to not have the extensions around 4 years ago, I decided to give Brazilian Blowout a try. I tell you now, dont do that, helped for a month, but then the breakage of my hair was horrible. But i tell you more about that another time.

Back to Biotin and Zinc:

Biotin is also common known as “the hair vitamin”, It is necessary for cell gowth and is often included in health products for skin and nails etc, however not in the high levels that i eat it in, for the higher dose you will need to buy a suplement with only biotion in. I eat 3mg up to 7mg some days, but never less then 3mg. This to speed up my hair growth and also help the volume and texture of my hair.

Zinc is supposed to suport the normal function of immune system and also suports the maintenance of normal skin, hair and nails. Why i started eating the zinc was due to the breakouts i started getting due to my high dose of daily Biotin, and i tell you now, start eating Zinc if you have problems with your skin! My breakouts are gone, and i also recomended it to my younger brother who suffers from acne, after just 2 weeks, his skin was clearing up! Amazing.

After 4 months of eating Biotin and Zinc my hair felt stronger and healthier, I didnt feel that it helped it grow faster ( however my nails have ) and now i have almost got thru 8 months without the hair extensions. Now that is not a bad result for me.

I have now done even more reading, and have also started eating Iron and MSM since 2 weeks, so lefts see when I will have long and healty hair. I have given myself until X-mas until the extensions might get a chance again… he who live will see…