5:2 Diet. Again.

Is EVERY Swede doing this diet? And have everyone lost there mind? Oh yes, Lets not eat ANYTHING for two days, and then go crazy the other days. Yes, great idea!!

Honestly, I know i can seem a bit obsessed when you read this blog, but im not plannig on starving myself 2 days. Period.

As i have written in another post about 5:2 diet i have tried and i dont think, for someone that is on a healthy weight, that this will give many benefits… if you need to loose a lot for your HEALTH and you need a kick start.. yes, this could be good.

But please dear homeland, EVERY day in magazines there is a new recipe and a new way to “get thru the fasting days” i cant even stand to read it.

That was me mad about this. Have a great day all of you, and i hope you have breakfast, lunch, dinner, a healthy snack today, even a glass of wine or two! It is Friday after all.


My opinion on 5:2

Ok, since the whole world, yes, i really feel like it is it the whole world, have a opinion about the 5:2 diet, and have tried it, thinking of trying it, or will try it. Then i will also have a opinion.

So, as the most of you, i heard about this diet some time in the spring and figured that it was another thing that would be around for two weeks and then gone, so no need to think more of it. Also, at the time i was working so much that my life was pretty much just work, eat some shit at work, go home, try to say two words to my bf, and then faint in bed.

However as most women, i have a love/hate relationship to my body and when summer started coming around the corner, i started becoming more, what word to use, aware of the fact that i put on some kg since last summer. ( this not being very bad, as i had a horrible summer last year, broken up with my partner and sad) so the fact that i was really slim then was only a result of me being unhappy, not eating and working ALL the time.

So, one of the evenings late spring i remembered the documentary about 5:2 and started reading some blogs and you tube about it. Oh yeah, everyone being really happy and getting great result, and nooooo it is not hard to not eat two days a week.

Great for them.

I can tell you that is not my experience, now im sure there are some of you that will say that i should have done this longer then 2,5 weeks as i did, however for me, feeling shit 2.5 weeks is to long to decide to feel shit for another 1,5weeks.

Let me explain, in my opinion, why i dont like the 5:2 diet

1,For someone that only needs to lose, lets say 5kg (me) it is just better to start thinking of what to eat everyday, and be  bit smarter with food, not starve yourself for 2 days, and then…

2,  …when the “eat” day comes, you are so happy you can eat, that why not have a extra sandwich?

3, it fueled my feeling of food being something “bad” and that you should not eat. You should be proud that you  are restricting yourself those two days, and thats good for you, so why not fast 3 days?

4, I got a killer headache many of the times i did the diet (even with a lot of water) and found myself low on energy most of the day.

So, Im trying this new thing in my life again. since 3 weeks i got to the gym, try to eat better and not stuff my face with candy in the evenings and yes, i do have a before pic, so when 3 months of my “normal” healthy life has passed, i will let you know the result.

Wish me luck.

3 hours later

How did it take 3 hours longer then expected to get myself out of the door and on the way to the gym? Impressive really.

But I got some things sorted.

1, interviews booked for tomorrow. Lets see how they go.
2, coconut oil in the damn dry hair. ( this took 5 seconds)
3, tried to set up this blog, 1 hour.
4, now walking on Kenish town high street almost getting killed because I’m staring down on my phone.

Anyway, now I’m going to read about 5:2 diet in the gym and the. Let you know why I think it is shit. ( I did try it for 2,5 weeks)