One thing you have to many of after working with Ray-ban and Sunglass hut is sunglasses. Way to many. A bunch of Rayban’s, Pradas, Tom Fords, one DKNY…. I can keep going. And I only use two different sunglasses all the time. So I will NEVER buy sunglasses again. Punch me if you hear that I need more… Seriously, punch me.


Another day, another pub.

But I’m not drinking, however, they serve Thai here, let’s see if it will taste good. This looks cool tho ( even with not drinking)

I love the fact that it is people everywhere even on a Monday… Every different to Sweden. Mondays you don’t go out there. Your at home watching “Swedish Hollywood wife’s”


Pub called the pineapple. Wonder how that came along?

Have a great Monday evening you all.

The Oxford and The Rattlesnake

One of my favorite pubs. The Oxford. Kentish town.

IMG_2096  IMG_2095

Go there if you find yourself close to Kentish Town.

Go to the Rattlesnake in Angel if you want to look like this after a couple of drinks:


M is having fun.

And i was having fun,


Angel is amazing… great place… I lived in Angel the first year that i lived in London… I miss it in a way, a lovely place to live! Also a place to make sure you visit in London when you have done the most tourist things…

They are here!

And I’m being the guide. I will be back soon. You guys that has followed me a bit know that my brother moved to London yesterday. Takes up my time. I will give you a rundown of my life the last days tomorrow. I promise.




The worst pub score ever!! So funny. 1 point! One point!! Good ha? One of the best pubs in Camden for me tho… Really like this place. Go to the Old Eagle if you pass by Camden. Nice. Good Thai food. Nice beer. Good surroundings.



Sweden. Home?

Speaking of Sweden and “home” I cant help of wonder if i ever will move back. It feels further and further away, all things that is normal here now, and how i dont really feel connected to what is going on back in Sweden anymore. I check the news online, and sometimes ask my mum what that was about, if it is something i dont really get. But more then that, i dont have a clue really. I dont know the Tv shows, i dont know the music, i dont even know the grade system i schools anymore. Im pretty sure it changed since i lived home.

I was the ONLY one i know ( in the UK) that cared about the fact that Sweden won the Ice hockey World Championships this year. Everyone looked at me like i was crazy when i screamed in the pub.  “What have Sweden won?”  that And this is in less then 5 years. How will it be to go back after 10?

Well, I dont think it will happen, but i still, makes me think sometimes… and what would i do back home? Buy a house and, eeeeerr, work where? Na, I stay here for a long time. London gets stuck with you, and also, D only knows 3 words in Swedish. He wont learn more…