Stupid me.

So, I have not been doing anything at all that has been good for my health the last days. Nothing. no gym, quite a bit of alcohol and not very much sleep. I feel tired and moody. This even tho I have nothing to be moody or tired for… NOTHING at all.

I should be really happy. A lot of things are as far as I can see it going my way, and the only bad thing is that I’m feeling in bad shape, but that’s about it.

All is good with D, my brother is here, my friends are mostly happy, as well as my family, got a new job I’m starting in a bit more then a week.

So what my problem?

I have narrowed it down to the following:
1) I’m nervous about starting the new job. I always want to know everything the first day and then just GO, but this will be months of learning, and it makes me nervous. I know I can do the job. I’m just nervous about the start of it.
2) I’m in terrible shape. It makes me feel bad and ugly.

So I guess, tomorrow it is Monday, let’s get things back on track then.


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