5:2 Diet. Again.

Is EVERY Swede doing this diet? And have everyone lost there mind? Oh yes, Lets not eat ANYTHING for two days, and then go crazy the other days. Yes, great idea!!

Honestly, I know i can seem a bit obsessed when you read this blog, but im not plannig on starving myself 2 days. Period.

As i have written in another post about 5:2 diet i have tried and i dont think, for someone that is on a healthy weight, that this will give many benefits… if you need to loose a lot for your HEALTH and you need a kick start.. yes, this could be good.

But please dear homeland, EVERY day in magazines there is a new recipe and a new way to “get thru the fasting days” i cant even stand to read it.

That was me mad about this. Have a great day all of you, and i hope you have breakfast, lunch, dinner, a healthy snack today, even a glass of wine or two! It is Friday after all.


2 comments on “5:2 Diet. Again.

  1. 2mommiesof3 says:

    Anything radical like that is not a healthy way to lose weight. Good for you for NOT giving in to the newest fad idea floating around out there!

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