Fitting-room panic… and how to move on.

Hmmm.. I dont know if you will attack me on Whats app ( the ones that have me there) or even in comments… but im going to write it anyway.

For those that remember, around a week ago i wrote that i felt that i got somewhere with the gym and that i started feeling stronger and a bit more fit. This is before i,  a bit in panic, needed to go into a fitting room before a interview and change my outfit and also try on some stuff. That ruined my feeling of being on the way and since then i have been struggling with feeling good about gym or general health. “what does it matter? in the fitting room i look like shit anyway, my thighs are bigger then ever and also most probably so is my tummy” Now, i know there is many logical reasons why i should not feel this way, and also many wrong thoughts that made me end up there, but hey, this is the way it is right now.

So, never quit and never give up.

For those who knows me from a work perspective, knows that i dont EVER give up, i work very very hard, and always push thru. Always. Even when i feel like there is no chance to reach the targets, or when the team are not working out, when the store is literally raining into, then i DONT give up. And i have a Cv to show for it. And im very happy with that, as well as im even a bit proud over it.


That damn fitting-room, it really made me feel down about myself. So now i will get over that, and the solution is to not go into a fitting-room in a long time (not the best way, i know, but dont come with,face your fears bs, please) and go to the gym. Work my ass off literally.

Wish me luck. #abitsadaboutthatfittingroom


One comment on “Fitting-room panic… and how to move on.

  1. Vilda Rosen says:

    F**k fitting rooms! The lights are worst than operation lights, made to make gorgeous people like ourselves to get stressed and panic buy a lot of crap we don’t need. Been there, done that.

    You are fabulous! (F**k fitting rooms!)

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