Today i will not go to the gym, today i will go down to town and do a SWOT for a interview on Saturday. If i can have that written and done by tomorrow then i dont need to worry about that at all tomorrow, but just be off and have a massive workout, as well as my neck gets to rest for another day.

Yesterday i did the exercises for the neck that i googled, and this morning it felt a lot better. Still not good enough, so i still had to take some painkillers, but at least i could sleep. So, thats good news! Also, yesterday i went out for a fast walk around a football field, so that at least count for something…

Ok, now… try to get up and out. I get lazy when D is working from home… even when he is sitting in the other room working, it is still so much nicer to be at home and around when he is here…



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