Back home, eating Twix.

Yeah. Thats me, no caracter what so ever, so now I’m eating Twix and will probably order take out tonight. So? It is what i wanted to to, so im going to do it… and not even feel bad about it. ( or i probably will.. but not this second.

One of my closest childhood friends one time told me, when we were talking about eating disorders and problems with food and etc, that she has never and will never be worried for me getting anorexia or and other disorder, because i simply dont have the character to keep to a diet the way i “should” to get to the point where it would be a problem. Well, i guess she was right. Or i rather look at it like i just keep it to a balance, and that is good enough for me… still when i think of it, is it a compliment or a insult? 



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