Here I am. Bored as hell, and stuck in bed due to my really bad neck this morning. What has happened? I NEVER used to have problems like this, and boom the last two weeks has been up and down horrible. I have googled and found some exercises for the neck, so now I will look like a crazy frog trying to fix this the next hour. Wish me luck.

The Johnossi people where not bad last night, however when the audience started screaming for a encore in Swedish, it was pretty obvious that this was a gig for Swedes in London liking a Swedish band playing in London. But hey, was nice and I heard my language everywhere. Not bad for a Monday night.

So, D is telling me not to go to the gym today, due to my bad neck. I really want to go… Can’t be that bad, if I take it careful… What should I do? Ah, and also, we went to Mc Donald’s after the concert, so I really feel bad… Need-to-go-to-the-gym?


3 comments on “Stuck.

  1. Vilda Rosen says:

    Listen to your body. If the neck says no, stay home (or just take a easy walk) ❤

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