Another Monday…

..and hey, It isnt that bad is it?

London is not showing itself from the best side today, nor is my neck working with me, but more like against me. Hurting like hell, and i decided to do some stretching instead of going to the gym in the morning. But even if it is not the best morning in terms of health im still looking forward to this week. Should be good. 

After a interview down in Chelsea, I will have a late lunch with M, and then get straight to the gym. Only way for me to not put my ass in the sofa and not get up, is to not give myself the chance to do that. So i will pack my big bag with the gym gear and take it with me across town, and then back again…



After that im going to a gig with D and his colleague in Angel, having a look at a Swedish band that apparently is big back home, but i hardly have heard a word about… I guess that means that i have been here in the UK a while now… #not-a-clue-whats-big-at-home. Johnossi. Thats the name. However, I checked them out on Youtube and not bad, so hey, could be good…

Yesterday me and D were in Primrose Hill, if you find yourself in London, and not knowing where to go ( that dont happen a lot, i know, but still) go up and have a look at the view at Primrose Hill, touristy but still a great place to just look out over London. Keep it in mind. 

Ok, have a great Monday, and i check in with you later! 


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