The pain…

Back to the worst thing with being away from your friends and family back home in Sweden… not being able to be there when they are hurting and would need to have a chat eye to eye, or just hang out without talking… Skype is there and it helps a bit, but still… not the same.

And to you lovely friends here in London… without you, I would fall apart totally. So dont think you are not important. And the Hungarians.. you could come back to London as well, please. 

I miss my family.

But i want to be in London. 

I miss my friends.

But i want to be here with D.

London vs Sweden. 

Forever pulling me apart.



6 comments on “The pain…

  1. 2mommiesof3 says:

    Some moments will be more painful than others…..that is just the ebb and flow of life. When you are most missing Sweden and home just remember how strong a person it takes to up and move their life to another country. As sad as you are at times this is an adventure that is helping to mold you into the person your higher being intends for you to be! Embrace each and every moment….the happy ones and the sad ones.


  2. Vilda Rosen says:

    We are always with you. Even if the stupid Atlantic Sea tries to keep us apart. Love you!

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