Milk and coffee

No milk at home and nothing fun to eat this Sunday morning. No milk is about the worst thing (of the not important things in life ) that can happen in the morning… The choice is to drink coffee without milk ( ghaaaaaaaa ) or get my ass out and buy milk. now, I know, lots of you will just think, GET OVER YOUSELF, and buy some milk. This is true. but please scroll down to the post where you see a angry cat, and then you can read about my feelings regarding mornings.

ok, Sunday: No gym, but a Sunday roast and relaxing w D.

Yesterday: Best gym day in forever, 30 min cardio, intervals was literally sweating away, but i did it!! Had between 5-7% increase and 5-8 in speed. Then legs and abs. My abs hurt a bit today, but not as much as i would like. Tomorrow i will add on weight when doing my crunches, and work my arms so they are really sore on Tuesday. However not the best eating day, where i decided to have a waffle with ice cream and two mojitos. But hey, it was Saturday, ok?

Tomorrow, lots to do! Better be prepared. Now, go-and-buy-milk.


2 comments on “Milk and coffee

  1. 2mommiesof3 says:

    I feel your pain….ran out of tea bags here…..and have no desire to go out and get some… am starting my day out with lemon water instead. No gym for me either today but I have already booked a walk this evening with a friend…..we usually walk about 4Km. Have a great day!

  2. citylifegirl says:

    hehe… well i got myself out and got the coffee in the end! Well done taking a walk! Hope your day was great.

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