Monday, funday?!

Ok, so this monday arrived as well.

My neck has been hurting since last weeks migraine attack, and this night it was really painful. Strange as this has more or less never happened to me before, my neck and body in general dont really give me much grief, so I’m a bit surprised that my neck is totally fixed to one position and i barley can move my head.  What do i do when this happen?

Plans for today was to go to the gym, have a really though workout and then meet a friend in Central. Now, im not sure i will get out of the house. Wtf happened?

Ok, im having a water bottle on my neck and hope that this will pass soon. During the time i wait for this to pass, i will have a look at my brother and his friend Cv, and put the laundry away, study some about the brand i have a interview with tomorrow, and hope i can go to the gym later. Wish me luck.

Pissed of, this week did not start the way i wanted.


But it is ok, Im not going to let the bad start of a day destroy the rest of the day. So here´s to a good monday. Now some Soya milk with chocolate taste, Always makes me a bit happier. ( sometimes it dont takes much) and some oatmeal. Still trying to be healthy even if i just want to eat 10 Oreo´s and make a peanut butter sandwich.




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