Roast and Inspiration






255772_226748647353757_149296375098985_863603_1647245_nI hope your Sunday will be amazing.

For me the week starts on a Sunday… it is a routine i gotten used to after 3 years of doing the rotas for the stores i have managed, where we worded under the for me strange sustem that the week starts on a Sunday and ends on a Saturday. So for me the week ended yesterday.

Recap of the week that just ended:

– Two interviews.

-Two days of migraine, that ended up in me having to cancel on two of my friends that i had planed to see. (sucks)

-Four times at the gym, one of these almost useless.

And then off course normal life with D at the pub or at home… ( this is the best part of the week tho)

NOW: Roast in Crouch End and some wine, cant go wrong with that on a Sunday. 



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