This is what i would like to eat.

But where in London can i get a hold of it? A Swedish Räkmacka. (Shrimp sandwich) with fresh shrimps, lemon, on wholemeal bread and some mayo. Where are you Heaven 22 when i need you?

But what the hell. I love in London, there is NO way i cant find one of these somewhere. Need-to-find-now.




5 comments on “This is what i would like to eat.

  1. rohma0malik says:

    im swedish and i currently live in london and know how your feeling haha! been here for 10 years and miss the food like crazy. however there is a small cafe by oxford street called scandic kitchen i think and they sell food like this along with kladkakka and other stuff. Then theres FIKA on bricklane which sells swedish food too 🙂
    And you can always rely on IKEA as they have their cafes too haha
    I’m a Swedish fashion student based in London, would be awesome if you could check out my blog

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