Migraine free and Saturday fun.

This morning i woke up without  headache for the first time in two days. and when i mean headache then i mean a proper migraine. I have not been able to get out of bed more then when i had to get down to Oxford Street for interviews the day before yesterday. So the happiness of not feeling like a 80 year old stuck in the bed is quite massive!

D will do some writing and i will get my ass down to the gym, but take it really slow… i will just be proud that im there. Sometimes that is just enough for me, it is better to do something then do nothing… especially after being stuck in bed for two days. But hey, 3 weeks into trying out my gym/better eating/taking care of myself, and im feeling in general more alert and having bit more energy. So here´s to another 3 weeks.

..and then who knows, Saturday in London.



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