Brother and sister

Time for some brother sister update time 🙂


I will get back to you guys soon.. Life is hectic right now…


Thursday at Stratford.

Shopping for work clothes, bit hungover to say the least, this will be fine. One foot in front of the other…


One thing you have to many of after working with Ray-ban and Sunglass hut is sunglasses. Way to many. A bunch of Rayban’s, Pradas, Tom Fords, one DKNY…. I can keep going. And I only use two different sunglasses all the time. So I will NEVER buy sunglasses again. Punch me if you hear that I need more… Seriously, punch me.

Another day, another pub.

But I’m not drinking, however, they serve Thai here, let’s see if it will taste good. This looks cool tho ( even with not drinking)

I love the fact that it is people everywhere even on a Monday… Every different to Sweden. Mondays you don’t go out there. Your at home watching “Swedish Hollywood wife’s”


Pub called the pineapple. Wonder how that came along?

Have a great Monday evening you all.

The Oxford and The Rattlesnake

One of my favorite pubs. The Oxford. Kentish town.

IMG_2096  IMG_2095

Go there if you find yourself close to Kentish Town.

Go to the Rattlesnake in Angel if you want to look like this after a couple of drinks:


M is having fun.

And i was having fun,


Angel is amazing… great place… I lived in Angel the first year that i lived in London… I miss it in a way, a lovely place to live! Also a place to make sure you visit in London when you have done the most tourist things…


Just had a morning sitting in bed and reading documents while my brother is sitting next to me calling about his national insurance number. Feels almost like being at home… flashback to being younger and in the house back in Sweden.

The sun is still out in London and im surprised over how long this warm weather has stayed around this autumn. Truly lovely.

Today i have to get my shit together and get back into a better mood. I know D is right when he is wondering what my problem is… as said in earlier posts… i have nothing, or next to nothing to complain about. And the thing i complain about most, I have only myself to blame. So, Monday = Funday. Had some nice granola for breakfast, coffee and all the vitamins.




Red leather jacket on. The one that D tells me i look like euro trash in.

Msm, Biotin and my hair.

I’m a slave under supplements and hair products. This is a fact.
The last month I have been taking:

Normal ABC vitamin
Omega 3

The above is for my general health, but listen to this:


The above is only for my hair. Only for my hair. I don’t even care if they are good for me as a person, that’s not why I started taking them, no, I only bought and researched about them for my hair. Stupid, but that’s the way it is. So, now after one month with all the above, I will increase my dose of MSM. All the rest I have eaten for a long time, but MSM is new in my routine, and now I will increase from my 1500mg a day to 3000mg. Lots of people have had great results with increasing MSM, so now I will give it a go. Clearer skin and faster growing hair, as well as better concentration and it also said to “detox” the body. I could need some more of this.

So, that’s the plan. No more extensions. Only my own hair. Phuuuuu. I do miss those extensions, but it will be worth the fight with myself to not have another 5 years of extensions.